Will Skin Tags Disappear By Themselves?

Skin tags are outgrowths on the skin that occur due to the trapping of collagen and blood vessels against thick bits of skin. This causes that particular part of the skin to protrude and appear darker in complexion as compared to the rest of the body. They have two main parts; that is the stalk and the tip. Apart from that, they are also of different textures, sizes and color. They appear mostly due to the friction on the skin especially within folds. In addition to that, the risk of developing them is higher in obese, pregnant and diabetic persons.

Although they are not harmful, skin tags are very unpleasant both to the individual who has them as well as to others who physically interact with him or her. They are sometimes also embarrassing, especially to the ones that appear on the face. You bet many people wish that they disappeared suddenly, just in the same way as they appeared in the first place.

Is there any chance that skin tags can disappear by themselves? Well, the answer to this is no. The only alternative to removing skin tags is seeking treatment. There are several ways to treat and cure them and they are applied according to the size and the position of the tags in question.

Among the simplest methods to use is cutting them off. You can do this at home since all you need is a sharp blade or a pair of sharp scissors. This is a painful method, so before you set out on it, ensure that you numb the tag using an ice cube or something else cold. Apart from that, the equipment that you use, be it a blade or a knife, it has to be sterilized, and a simple way of doing this is by an open flame, alcohol, or by use of hydrogen peroxide.

Cryotherapy is another method that may be applied to get rid off these unpleasant tags. This is done by using liquid nitrogen to freeze the area, effectively destroying the cell-tissue. For maximum results, one is advised to have a dermatologist do this.

Another very simple method to use is using a string, which is tied at the base of the skin tag, just next to the healthy skin. This is done so as to cut the blood supply to the tag, causing it to fall off after two or so days.

The most effective all the methods is electro-surgery or electrolysis, where a profession use a needle with an electric current to permanently destroy the skin tag.

Do not therefore just sit there and wait for the skin tag to automatically disappear. Consult a dermatologist, who will advise you further on the next step to take.

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