Removing Skin Tags At Home

Skin tags, which are outgrowths on the skin due to the trapping of collagen and blood vessels against thin bits of skin, are usually perceptible. It is this factor that makes them very unpleasant and that is why many people who have them strive to remove them. One may choose to consult a dermatologist (In the case of big tags) to have them removed or personally do it at home.

There are several methods that one can choose from in order to remove skin tags at home. However, please note that they can be painful and if you are someone who has a phobia for pain, you should not attempt this at home, but rather seek the help of a professional dermatologist or surgeon.

One method of removing skin tags at home is the use of a string that is tied tightly at the base of the protrusion, somewhere between the healthy skin and the stalk. The string in turn slowly cuts of the tag for the next few days until it is completely detached from the skin. This is the least painful of all methods that you can choose from but is however not very effective as part of the stalk still remains on the skin.

Another method that you can use to remove skin tags at home is carrying out a simple surgical procedure. This involves the use of a blade, a knife, or a pair of very sharp scissors. To avoid any kind of infection, always make sure that any of the instruments you intend to use are well sterilized and clean. How do you sterilize, you ask? You can simply pass the object that you intend to use over a flame or dip it in hydrogen peroxide or any type of alcohol for a couple of minutes.

Immediately before starting the procedure, numb the skin tag and the area of skin around it in order to avoid excessive pain. You can do this by rubbing an ice cube on it.
After doing all the above, slowly and carefully cut out the skin tag from its base, and do so in a manner that completely clears it from the skin. It should bleed a little and a piece of cotton wool soaked in an antibacterial disinfectant should take care of this.

If you can purchase liquid nitrogen, well and good because you can perform cryotherapy on to remove skin tags at home. This involves the freezing of the tags to kill cell tissues within it, hence completely removing it.

So, if you have chosen to personally get rid of the irritating skin tags at home, all I can do is wish you good luck and advise you to be completely sure that it is a skin tag you are dealing with and not any other type of skin condition.

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