What Are Eyelid Skin Tags?

Eyelid skin tags are skin tags that protrude from the skin near your eye; they are not routed to the eye but slightly above the eyelids. These skin tags are not harmful to the eye but if disturbed can cause irritations. Eyelid skin tags like any other skin tag on the body can be removed by any of the methods used to treat skin tags, however eyelid skin tags may require a professional to carry out the treatment since the eye is a very delicate body organ.

Seeing a dermatologist can be a very good decision to make when treating eyelid skin tags. The dermatologist is able to examine the skin tag and recommend an appropriate method of treating the skin tag. The doctor will either use Cryotherapy technique or Electrocautery, Cryotherapy involves the use of liquid nitrogen. The liquid freezes the skin tag and kills the cells of the skin tag causing the skin tag to vanish. Electrocautery involves the use of a sharp object to cut the skin tag off, it is painful and anesthesia may be used to ease the pain. Laser machine nay also be used to treat skin tags, once the skin tag is cut the blood vessel should be sealed to reduce bleeding.

The doctor can also decide to use medication, he can prescribe for you medication that you can take for some time until the skin tag heals. There are very few over the counter drugs that are known to help in curing the infection. The advantage of this method is that it’s cheap since the medications are cheaper than seeing a doctor. However, the medications only reduce the skin tag. It does not kill the source of the skin tag. The skin tags will take a lot of time to heal; therefore it’s not a good option if you cannot embrace patience.

You can also use home remedies to cure eyelid skin tags, there are very many natural remedies you can use that work efficiently in treating skin tags. This home remedies dry the skin tags completely so that they fall off on their own. This remedies depend on the skin of a person, you may use the natural home remedy and cure the skin tag and someone else use the same remedy and the skin tag fails to cure. All this methods cure skin tags efficiently, whichever method you use make sure it is to your own advantage.

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