Prevention Of Skin Tags

Skin tags appear when the outer layer of the skin grows too fast than normal. They are also referred to as skin tabs or barnacles. As much as the skin tags are harmless, they are so irritating and bad looking on one’s skin especially if they appear on a visible part of the body like on the face or hands. It is therefore important to prevent them at all cost.

Before thinking of how to prevent them, you must know their causes so that you can avoid them. Some of the causes and how they can be prevented are as follows:

Skin tags are most common with overweight people. To be on the safe side, make sure you monitor your weight. Check your body weight regularly and take the necessary measures to maintain a recommended weight.

Other commonly affected people are those with diabetes. It has been thought skin tags may be as a result of diabetes. To prevent them, it is advisable that you regulate your sugar level to reduce the risk of getting the skin tags.

Skin tags have also been linked or related with frequent rubbing of the skin.  The friction from the rubbing is believed to be one of the major causes of skin tags. The rubbing may be caused by wearing of necklaces, earrings, jewelry or even tight and fitting clothes. To avoid this cause, you are advised and even doctors recommend that you avoid the tight clothes and the use of necklaces and bangles for safety.

Other causes may be due to hormonal changes. These causes mainly affect women. Women undergo hormonal changes especially during the pregnancy period. The majority of women have claimed to have got the skin tags after giving birth. It is one of the causes that can rarely be avoided as the only way one can avoid it is to avoid getting pregnant.

Those are the presumed ways that can be used to prevent the skin disorder. It is however not a guarantee that when these steps are followed, you will avoid the skin tags. You must be lucky to be on your old ages and lack these growths. The majority of people above the age of 40 possess the tags.

The measures may however be used to the effect of them on your skin when you will be on your old ages.

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