How Skin Tags Affect Children

Skin tags are outgrowths that come out on the human skin. There is no precise cause of skin tags and they are not known to be dangerous and are thus not linked to cancer as one would otherwise think. Skin tags are prevalent among the grownups although some cases in little children have also been noticed. Children skin tags just like those found in adults are tiny bits of skin which are raised on the top of a human skin. They can be of many sizes right from the minute to the bigger ones. The skin tags will normally be of similar color with that of the affected person’s skin. They do range from a brownish to a much darker color. You are likely to see them on the upper body parts such as the facial area and the arms.

Young children of less than ten years are commonly affected when it comes to skin tags. These skin tags will most often appear in areas of the body where the skin is dense. This makes the heavier kids more susceptible since their skins are floppy. A virus can gradually build up in the bumpy areas of such babies and this can lead to formation of warts giving rise to skin tags. A child can also be born with a skin tag for example in areas next to the ears. These develop when the baby is still in the womb and not a danger at all. It is up to the parent to decide whether to remove them if they do affect the beauty of the child.

Children skin tags are benign and should therefore not be a cause of alarm to the parents. The child will most certainly grow up without any predicament as a result of them. There can only be an incident where the skin tags are large and do get entangled with something thereby leading to injury. Like any other body part, they will be able to heal on their own and should not cause one to worry. If a parent does decide to have them removed from his/her kid, a number of methods are available to choose from. Doctors could either cutoff, burn or freeze them off using liquid nitrogen. A recurrence is highly unlikely however it will be advisable to try another method in case one fails.

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