Natural Treatments For Skin Tags

Skin tags come in a variety of shapes and sizes but most of them are less than 5 centimeters in diameter. You will find them on several parts of the body like the back, the neck, next to the ears among several others. They appear as fleshly colored pieces of outgrowth and can be quite a sight to behold. Skin tags normally occur on areas of the body that are covered by cloth. However, you could still find them on the more exposed areas like the face and arms. Skin tags are not an abnormality and should not be a cause of worry unless one feels that they affect their beauty. In such cases, one can use natural skin tags treatments. However, other methods like the modern kind of treatment are available.

People affected by skin tags are normally those above the age of forty. Anyone on the other hand could get skin tags. For example a baby may grow skin tags around the neck and under the arms.

It is not unusual for one to have skin tags. The condition surfaces as a person grows and therefore no one is born with skin tags on them. The most vulnerable age would be over forty years though notably the kids and babies can get skin tags in their armpits and around their neck.  Those who are obese are also susceptible to getting these tags. When a woman is pregnant, she can also develop skin tags due to the changes in the levels of the hormones. Such skin tags should not worry a pregnant woman as they can be eliminated after birth using natural treatment methods.

Castor oil and baking soda can be used to form an effective paste which can be applied on the skin tag regularly.

The use of tea tree oil is highly recommended as it contains anti bacterial feature. It should be applied twice or thrice on a daily basis.

You can tie dental floss on the skin tag with an aim of blocking the supply of blood to the tag.

Juice made out of figs can also be used to get rid of skin tags. This juice should be taken in two weeks consistently in order to achieve the desired results.

The above mentioned natural skin tag remedies have proven to be very effective. However, it would not be unrealistic to expect instant results. The process has to be gradual with the results show casing them selves with time.

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