Wart And Skin Tag Remover

A wart, which like a skin tag is painless and non cancerous, is a rough, seemingly dark or light growth usually caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Both the wart and the skin tag occur on the skin. Wart and skin tag treatments are available. Though as mentioned they are harmless, warts and skin tags are unappealing which is why many people opt to have them removed. This can either be done in a hospital, through use of over the counter medication or through homemade remedies.

One wart and skin tag remover that is becoming a popular home remedy is tea tree oil. To use this wart and skin tag remover, simply apply the tea tree oil on the affefcted area and then cover it up. Tea tree oil is considered a pure and natural healing lubricant which is effective with results visible within weeks. However, this wart and skin tag remover has to be applied daily for the desired results to be realized. Tea tree oil is also regarded as an effective wart and skin tag remover because of its antiviral characteristic as well as its capacity to infiltrate deep into the skin thus curbing the infection.

Over the counter wart and skin tag remover medication such as creams are also available though prior to using these creams, it is worthwhile to consult with a doctor to ensure you get the right prescription. You may find that wart and skin tag removal creams may vary and as such it is important to get what is necessary for your particular infection. Dermisil is one such product that is mainly used for wart removal.

If you choose to seek medical treatment from a wart and skin remover physician, there are a few methods that he/she could use. Freezing is one commonly used procedure to get rid of warts and skin tags. Surgery is another wart and skin tag remover option, though this is usually carried out in dire cases. It is important to note that most medical wart and skin tag remover procedures are considered cosmetic and as such, they may not be included under ones medical insurance plan. Ensure you have this information right prior to having any procedure carried out.

One other wart and skin tag home remedy that can only be effectively used on skin tags is cutting them off using string or clippers. Precautionary measures have to be adhered to when undertaking this process such as sanitizing the clippers and ensuring that you thoroughly clean the area after removal to prevent infections.

Wart and skin tag remover remedies are handy but as aforementioned, consult with a health practitioner before purchase of any medication or use of any home remedies.


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