Why Do You Get Skin Tags?

Why Do You Get Skin Tags?

Have you had a friend or a stranger ask you this question? Did you have a response? How did having the question asked feel? Skin tags, soft small growths that occur on different parts of the body, can be cause for undue attention, especially if they are located in a visible place such as the neck or eyelids. So, why do you get skin tags? Skin tags are as a result of various factors though there has not been a definitive cause that can help answer the question why do you get skin tags? A few of the causes attributed to skin tags are mentioned below. Hopefully the next time someone comes up to you and asks, why do you get skin tags, you will have some sort of answer to give if you previously had none.

Skin tags may occur due to hereditary factors. You get skin tags because of familial genes. The fact that your family members have the same infection means that the disease runs in the kin. It is important to note that this growths are however harmless and benign.

You may also get skin tags because you are a Type 2 diabetic. Skin tags are common in diabetes patients as research has come to show. What’s more, Type 2 diabetes has been linked to people who are overweight or obese and as such, you will find that many of them also tend to have skin tags. You can develop skin tags as a result of folded skin rubbing against each other. This will usually occur under the arm and under breasts in women.

Hormonal changes that are prevalent during pregnancy are also cause for skin tags. These skin tags will mainly occur on the eyelids, on the neck and under the breasts.

You can also be more likely to get skin tags if you use steroids. Steroid use bunches collagen together in areas where the skin may be solid causing skin tags. This is most common amongst athletes though you may find individuals who ingest steroids illegally have the same condition.

So there you have it. Some answers to the question why do you get skin tags. Even though many people are not comfortable about the presence of skin tags, especially in noticeable areas, it is never a bad idea to understand what skin tags are, and to be able to explain the same to anyone who may come about asking, why do you get skin tags?

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