Underarm Skin Tag

An underarm skin tag or armpit skin tag is a limply hanging soft growth that occurs due to consistent rubbing of skin. Sweating and aging also play a role in the formation of an underarm skin tag. You will find that most people who have an underarm skin tag are older, mostly in their late fifties or in their sixties. A patient may have one or a cluster of these skin tags and although they are not harmful, they tend to be uncomfortable especially if they get caught on clothing. Furthermore, one is limited to the type of clothing they can wear due to the presence of the underarm skin tag.

Even though skin tags are painless, they can prove to be a nuisance not to mention that they are quite ghastly. The size also varies which can also pose to be more of a hindrance. People who have an underarm skin tag are prohibited from shaving because they can cause further damage by accidentally nipping off the underarm skin tag which would not only lead to bleeding but may inadvertently cause infections.

The good news is that one does not have to stay with the underarm skin tag if they choose not to. There are various procedures that can be carried out to get rid of the underarm skin tag. Some procedures may require medical expertise though home practices to remove the skin tags are also common.

Some medical practices that may be administered to get rid of an underarm skin tag include freezing the skin tag using liquid nitrogen or surgically cutting it off which is referred to as a surgical excursion.

However, preference to get rid of an underarm skin tag lies heavily with home remedies because they are easy to administer and carry out. One such remedy is the use of a piece of string or dental floss. Usually, this is tied at the base of the underarm skin tag to cut off blood circulation and as such, force the skin tag to fall off. Those who are strong willed and can stomach a little pain can cut the underarm skin tag using either clippers or scissors. It is important to ascertain that any equipment used to carry out the underarm skin tag procedure is sterilized.

Creams and over the counter medications are also customary in underarm skin tag removal. There are quite a number of these available in most pharmacies and general medical practitioners are well informed to help one purchase the right medication.

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