Skin Tags During Pregnancy

Skin tags are growths of excess skin that appear after a lot of friction occurs. This friction is usually caused when the skin rubs against each other or when it rubs against itself. There is no infection that is associated with skin tags. That means that they are non cancerous and benign and therefore, there is no reason for alarm when you notice one or several on you.

Obesity, pregnancy and diabetes are known to be the three main conditions that usually bring about skin tags. Obesity and pregnancy are there for very obvious reasons. Obesity, to begin with, means that someone has a lot of blabber and therefore many folds of skin on the body. This is a recipe for a high rate of friction that may result into many skin tags.

Skin tags during pregnancy, on the other hand, are mainly associated with the size in increase of the belly when someone is pregnant. As the fetus grows, so does the size of the belly, and this causes the skin to stretch rapidly. This process may cause entanglement of blood vessels and collagen thus giving rise to skin tags.

Pregnancy is also sometimes accompanied with genital skin tags. This happens after a lot of friction is experienced during child birth, resulting in vaginal or anal skin tags.

So, how are such skin tags addressed? The only solution to them would be removing them. The method that you choose to employ here greatly depends on the size, position and the number of skin tags that have resulted due to pregnancy.

If they are many, it would be advisable that one consults a dermatologist for further help. He or she would be in the best position to know how to best handle them. Perhaps you could have them removed by the most effective methods for skin tags spread over a wide area like cryotherapy or electrolysis.

Cryotherapy, for example, involves the killing of the cells within the skin tags by freezing them off using liquid Nitrogen. This then causes the skin tags to disintegrate and fall off the skin. Electrolysis, on the other hand, is a method that uses an electric current, instead of Nitrogen in the case of cryotherapy, to kill the cells within the skin tags.

If you have a just a single one or a few skin tags, you can perhaps remove them yourself using the skin tag removal methods that can be implemented at home like using a length of string or a skin tag home removal kit.

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