Skin Tags & Diabetes

Skin tags are conditions on the skin that are caused by friction when the skin rubs on itself or rubs against the clothes. This friction causes the skin to trap vessels and collagen within it making it swell up or protrude from the healthy skin. They then appear as thin protrusions with stalks and heads. Basing your judgment on this, it would be true to conclude that they are not cancerous in any way.

Skin tags & diabetes are considered to be linked. Why is this, you ask? Scientific studies have revealed that people with skin tags have a higher chance of developing diabetes. This may seem not to bring any sense but there are concrete explanations to this. Having skin tags is a clear prove that you have higher levels of cholesterol, tri-glycerides, C-reactive protein and blood sugar than individuals who do not have skin tags.

That indicator is enough to explain the connection between skin tags & diabetes. C-reactive, especially has been proven to be a ‘prophet of doom’ for the body. It indicates more serious conditions within the body ranging from insulin resistance, obesity, heart conditions and diabetes.

How is diabetes brought about in this, you ask? First, the blood sugar level builds up. This is after the insulin fails doing its work of regulating the blood sugar level. After the pancreas detects the abnormally high blood sugar level, it pumps excess insulin into the blood resulting into diabetes.

People with diabetes have a high chance of having a family history of skin tags or may currently have them. In fact, such individuals do not have the kind of skin tags that appear and can be permanently removed. In most cases, they appear in numbers spread over a wide area and permanently removing them is not easy. Once they appear and you remove them, there is a high chance that they will still re-appear again and again.

Therefore, people with diabetes usually require the most effective skin tag removal methods. These are the methods that are suitable for the skin tags that spread over a wide area and are not easy to permanently remove. An example of such a method is cryotherapy that involves the use of liquid Nitrogen to freeze the cells within the skin tags and completely kill them. Another method that a diabetic individual can use is electrolysis.

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