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A skin tag is not harmful in any way but are usually different from the skin surrounding them and to make matters worse, they protrude from the skin. This is exactly what makes them very unpleasant and finding a way to safely remove skin tag is a priority to people who have them.

There are a many ways that you can use to remove skin tag. The one that you choose to employ greatly depends on the number of skin tags, their size and the things that are available for you to use in their removal. If for example you are able to consult a dermatologist, then you are at a good position to have your skin tags removed by the most effective methods like cryotherapy and electrolysis.

Cryotherapy, in case you are wondering is an advanced skin tag removal method that is aimed at permanently removing skin tags, especially if they are spread over a wide area. This method employs the use of liquid Nitrogen to freeze the skin tags and kill the cells within them. This in turn causes the skin tags to fall off.

Electrolysis on the other hand, involves the use of an electric current, instead of liquid Nitrogen, to kill the cell tissues within the skin tags. The current is carefully directed into the skin tags and immediately causes the tags to fall off after the cells die.

If you are unable to consult a dermatologist, you can opt for the easiest methods that can easily be carried out at home. One of such methods is the use of a string that is tightly tied at the base of the skin tag stalk to deprive it of oxygen and other nutrients. This deprivation goes on for a couple of days until all the cells within it die and the skin tag falls off.

If you want faster methods to remove skin tag, you can instantly remove it by cutting it off. But please remember that you are dealing with a part of your skin here and not your nails. Therefore, you have to be very careful and thus you need to sterilize your cutting tool and ensure the area around the skin tag is numbed before starting out the procedure.

All in all, ensure that you are completely safe in any method that you use to remove skin tags.

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