Skin Tag Remover

Most growths on the skin are feared to be cancerous but in the case of a skin tag, there is no need to worry because they are completely harmless. However this does not mean that they do not need to be removed. These outgrowths, although not contagious, are generally detrimental to the appearance and therefore many people look for methods to remove skin tags without leaving a scar.

There are a few skin tag remover methods that you can choose from. However, before engaging in any of them, it is wise to consult a dermatologist who will advise you further on how to address the situation. If you are not willing to do so and would want to remove it at home, you could start by trying a natural skin tag remover first.

Another skin tag remover method that can easily be carried out at home is using a string to kill the cell tissues within the skin tag. What this method involves is tightly tying a string at the base of the skin tag, something which deprives the cells within it oxygen and other nutrients. They then die gradually and after a few days, the skin tag falls off. Alternatively, you can also use duct tape.

Dermatologists use the most effective skin tag remover methods. One, for example, is electrolysis that involves removal of the skin tag by passing an electric current through it hence killing the cells within it.

Cryotherapy is also a favorite among dermatologists. It involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze off the cells within the skin tag, hence killing them and the skin tag falls off.

If all other methods fail (which is highly unlikely) the final solution is to cut off the skin tag using a sharp instrument, however we do not recommend that you do this yourself. You must ensure that the cutting instruments are sterilized, and to do so, you can simply dip them in hydrogen peroxide or any other alcohol like spirit, gin, whisky, etc. After doing so, you should then numb the skin tag and the area around it. This is to reduce the pain because this method is a bit painful. You should then cut the skin tag at the stalk right above the healthy skin. It will then bleed slightly, something that will easily be taken care off by disinfectants and cotton wool.

There are many other methods that you can use to remove skin tags but what matters is that you have them completely and effectively removed safely.

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