Q&A: How do you get rid of skin tags on dogs?

Betty asks…

How do you get rid of skin tags on dogs?

My Vet recommended surgery. I would like something less evasive and honestly not costing alot of money!

admin answers:

It will cause the dog alot of pain if you tried to remove it yourself. Skin tags are generally not harmful. If they continue to grow or if there are any changes in shape, color, etc. You should get them biopsied in order to detect cancer.

My dog gets alot of skin tags as he’s aging. It is normal! As long as they don’t bother him I let them be… It’s not worth causing him the discomfort in having them removed. If you decide you want to remove the skin tags without going to your vet you could use our skin tag removal kit – its 100% natural so safe for dogs as well as humans!