Skin Tag Home Remedy

A skin tag is not cancerous in any way and therefore there is no reason at all to panic if you notice them developing. If you have decided you would like to have them removed for cosmetic rather than medical reasons, you will be pleased to know this is something which can be easily achieved quickly and painlessly, even at home.

Many people do not see the need of consulting a dermatologist for skin tag removal because removing it yourself is indeed very easy. There is no need at all of wasting your time and money by visiting a dermatologist.

A skin tag home remedy, for example, that you can carry out yourself is removing it by cutting it off. This may sound very painful, but in real sense it is not. The pain that you will experience is very manageable and to ease it, you are advised to numb the area using perhaps an ice cube. You can then use a pair of scissors or a scalpel to cut off the skin tag, but please make sure that the cutting instrument is well sterilized. This can be done by passing the instrument over a flame or placing it in hydrogen peroxide or alcohol for a while. After you have got everything ready, you can then cut off the skin tag from the base of the stalk, just next to the healthy skin.

Another skin tag home remedy would be the use of a piece of cotton thread or string. The thread is tightly tied at the base of the skin tag cutting off the blood supply. The motive behind this method is to completely derive the skin tag cell tissues off all the oxygen and nutrients until the skin tag falls off.

If you do not feel comfortable in using the cutting or string method or cannot use it for whatever reasons, a very easy method would be to use Vitamin E and a band aid. All you are required to do here is simply apply Vitamin E on the band aid and rub it on the skin tag. After this, it will only take a few days until the skin tag completely falls off.

A herbal skin tag removal method is a completely natural skin tag removal kit which includes everything you will need.

You will come across many options in your search for a skin tag home remedy. Please note however, when you decide which skin tag treatment is right for you, you should be very careful to avoid scarring.

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