How To Remove Skin Tags

Unlike other growths that may occur on the skin, skin tags are not cancerous in any way and can be very easily removed. In fact, there are many methods that you can employ and they all depend on the size of the skin tags and their position within the body. Here we will tell you how to remove skin tags.

Knowing how to remove skin tags is not only vital for dermatologists and people who have them, but also to individuals who do not have them. This is because no one knows whether he or she will at one time develop them or not. Their main cause is friction within the skin and against the clothes and therefore, you will not know when that happens on you and you find yourself developing them.

Among the methods used to remove skin tags is cryotherapy. This one is mostly employed by dermatologists to remove skin tags that are spread over a wide area. It involves the use of liquid Nitrogen to kill the cells within the skin tags. Once these cells die, the skin tags begin to fall off from the skin.

Another method that is widely employed by dermatologists is electrolysis. This is almost similar to cryotherapy in that it is aimed at killing the cell tissues within the skin tag. The only difference here is that instead of liquid nitrogen being used, an electric current is used to kill the cells. This is probably the most costly skin tag removal method.

Not all skin tag remedies are complicated. There are a few simple ones that you can carry out at home yourself. One of them is skin tag removal by a simple surgical procedure. This requires the use of a cutting instrument like a scalpel, a pair of scissors or a knife. Make sure that it is sterilized before using it on the skin tags. To remove the skin tags therefore, you need to cut them off right at the stalk, just above the healthy skin. This should hurt a little bit but to reduce the pain, make sure you numb the area around the skin tag before starting out on the procedure.

If you are scared of the pain and would rather wait for long for that skin tag to come off, you can use a string to deprive the cells within it nutrients until they die. This string is tightly tied at the base of the skin tag until it falls off after a couple of days.

There are also herbal ways to remove skin tags such as this Skin Tag Removal Kit containing 100% Natural Ingredients.

Now you know exactly how to remove skin tags. Whichever method you choose, please be careful to avoid scarring.

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