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To remove skin tags through surgery is not as painful as some other forms of skin problems such as moles and warts, the reason for this is that they are benign in nature and they are not in anyway painful, they can only be painful when they rub against jewelly or clothes. Skin tags should not be removed surgically in children and underage adults because of complications which may result, however older adults can get their skin tags removed successfully through surgical means.

The decision to remove skin tags surgically will be determined by a number of factors, most especially the location of the tag as well as the number of places in which the skin tags have occurred. Genital skin tags may be very difficult to remove by surgical methods, while skin tags that appear on the face, hands and less delicate parts of the body can be easily removed through surgery. Bigger skin tags can be easily removed through surgery while smaller skin tags which are almost flat on the skin are more difficult to remove. It is also difficult to use surgery to remove skin tags that are widely distributed in several parts of the body (it will be difficult to remove such tags one after the other compared to those that are concentrated at one location).

There are several surgical options available for the removal of skin tags, the most common ones are; cryosurgery, and surgical incision. A preliminary examination of the skin is first conducted before any surgical skin tag removal method is carried out. A skin tag should be soft, flexible ane attached by a stalk to the surface of the skin, any skin tag that does not fit this description should be analysed by a doctor for confirmation of what the growth is.

Surgical incision at home or self help surgery for skin tag removal. Involves the use of scissors in snipping off the tags. This form of self-help surgery should be performed under the supervision of a physician to avoid any serious complication that may arise. Cryosurgery is another advanced form of surgical removal of skin tags. It involves the use of freezing liquid Nitrogen . The freezing Nitrogen is sprayed on the skin tag and left for several hours until the tissues of die and the tags fall off from the skin.

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