Skin Tag Removal At Home

A skin tag is a non cancerous benign growth that occurs on the skin due to the trapping of collagen and blood vessels within thin bits of skin. This is something that is mostly brought about by the friction between two layers skin within joints or folds or friction when the skin constantly rubs against the clothes. When they appear, especially for the first time, they bring about a couple of worries and among them is to get them checked by a doctor which is the right thing to do. A doctor can cut off your skin tag but you may also wonder about the options available for skin tag removal at home.

Kitchen remedies for skin tags, refer to ingredients or tools you would find already in your kitchen cupboards. It is not wise to use any kitchen utensils to remove a skin tag. In this, I mean such items as knives, forks, blades or scissors that are used in the kitchen. If by any chance you do so, ensure that you properly sterilize them before and after using them to cut off the skin tag. To do this, just pass the instrument over a flame or dip it in alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Then carefully cut the skin tag from its base right between the healthy skin and the stalk. You should be extremely careful when doing this as you may end up going to hospital for stitches if you cut too close to the skin. However, after finishing the procedure, please do not ever re-use that cutting tool in the kitchen again unless you sterilise it. The best thing would be to get rid of it and if not, store is in a safe place where no one would unknowingly take it to the kitchen again.

Kitchen ingredients you can use for skin tag removal at home include baking soda, apple cider vinegar, or vegetable juices such as potato and garlic.

Above all, do not try and attempt the skin tag removal in the kitchen. This would be extremely unhygenic. The best way to remove skin tags at home would be to purchase a Skin Tag Removal Kit and avoid the mess and fuss of concocting your own recipe or injuring yourself with sharp tools.

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