Skin Tags are non cancerous benign outgrowths that occur on the skin due to the trapping of collagen and blood vessels against thin bits of skin. They are harmless, except for some vey few instances of genital skin tags, which may bring further infections because of the fact that they may contain viruses or bacteria within them.

Whenever they appear, especially for the first time, they raise several concerns. Among the questions people ask themselves include; could they be a symptom of cancer? Can the sun rays make them worse? Can they grow bigger, and if they do what steps should be taken? All these are very relevant questions as a growth on your skin is something that should not be ignored at all.

First, skin tags are not cancerous in any way. Secondly, not being cancerous, there is definitely no way that the sun rays can affect them. Then there is a chance that skin they may go bigger but not that much.

They can increase in size, though rarely, if there is continuous friction on it. This may occur as it rubs against the skin around it or against the clothes. In the event of this, one should not be very alarmed as it is not going to grow so much. Instead, he or she should take the necessary steps to have it completely removed from the skin. In this, there are many options to choose from.

Among them is cryotherapy that involves the killing of the cells within the skintags by freezing them. This is done with the use of liquid nitrogen and it is best carried out by a dermatologist. However, there are cases they grow back after a period of time on being removed.

Diathermy is also another procedure that can be applied to remove skin tags. It involves the use of a heated probe to instantly kill the cells within them. It is more effective than cryotherapy in terms of preventing the skin tags from growing back.

For the methods that can be applied at home, there is the use of a string that is tightly tied at the base of the skin tag and after a couple of days the skin tags fall off due to cut off in blood supply. Also one may choose to rub natural extracts like tea tree oil on the skin tag for a couple of days until it falls off.

However, these cheap skin tag removal methods do not give you a hundred percent guarantee that the skin tags are not going to grow back.

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