Genital Skin Tags

Genital skin tags are benign, non-cancerous growths that occur on the skin due to the trapping of collagen and blood vessels within thin bits of skin. They occur on any part of the body and are generally unpleasant and irritating, especially on the most visible areas like on the face. This hence calls for immediate removal of the skin tags to avoid further embarrassments.

This does not mean that the skin tags that are least visible should be ignored. Among the ones that fall under this category are genital skin tags. They appear either on the penis, vagina, around the anus or generally around the groin area. What causes such? And which steps must be taken to address them?

A major cause of skin tags among women is the friction that occurs as they give birth. For men on the other hand, the causes are not so clear, although penile skin tags can be brought about by friction during sex, especially when the lubrication is not adequate.

Obesity can also increase the chance of one developing these genital skin tags, because of the friction that occurs as the genitals rub against the surrounding layers of fat. Apart from this, wearing inappropriate, irritating underwear that rubs greatly against the genitals is also another factor that leads to skin tag development.

How should you address genital skin tags if you notice them? Unlike other body parts, the genitals are usually very prone to infections. Penile, vaginal and anal skin tags increase the chances of this occurring due to the bacteria or viruses that may be contained within them. They therefore should be removed as soon and effectively as possible.

What are some of the ways that can be used to remove genital skin tags? There are many skin tag removal methods that can be applied for any skin tags. A couple of them involve the use of heat to kill cell tissue within the tags, but these are not very advisable in the case of penile skin tags.  For sperms to remain healthy, they have to be stored at two degrees below the body temperature of 37 degrees centigrade. A higher temperature than this within the groin area kills them and that is why a method like diathermy is not very applicable.

Cryotherapy, for example, is among the best methods to use in removing genital skin tags. It involves the freezing of the skin tags with liquid nitrogen to kill the cells within the tags, instantly making them to detach from the body. Other methods that you may consider is the use of natural herbal extracts like tea tree oil and a simple surgical procedure that entails cutting off the tags from their bases.

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