Penile Skin Tags

What are penile skin tags? What causes them, you ask? Penile skin tags are harmless, they occur on the skin and are caused by the trapping of collagen and blood vessels. Unlike some other types of growths, they are not cancerous in any way and are completely painless. They are not restricted to anywhere within the body. They can therefore appear anywhere including on the face and around the genitals. In the case of genital skin tags for example, there are three main types namely vaginal, anal and penile skin tags.

Penile skin tags are the male equivalent to vaginal skin tags suffered my females only that they appear on the penis. The fact that they appear on a very sensitive region of the body often drives many people to harbor fears of maybe having contracted a Sexually Transmitted Infection, or STI. This fear, surprisingly, even applies to individuals who have never had sex before.

To clear the air on this, penile skin tags are never sexually transmitted. They are merely caused by friction that occurs around the genital area. This friction is mainly brought about by the skin rubbing against the clothes or against itself. Sometimes, they can be due to friction that occurs during sex.

There are several factors that increase the rate of this skin tag causing friction. Number one on the list is obesity. Overweight individuals usually suffer from chafing as well as many folds on the skin. Therefore, a lot of friction actually occurs when moving the limbs in perhaps walking or running.

Using this as a pointer, you should be able to determine things that you can do to avoid skin tags. First, try and control your weight. If you are overweight, try losing the extra pounds. If on the other hand you are not in this category of individuals, try as much as possible to keep your weight as it is. You should also avoid uncomfortable and irritating underwear that may increase the chances of the friction occurring.

Is it possible to get rid of penile skin tags? Definately! In fact, there are many ways to do so and it is up to you to choose a method that you can be sure to handle safely in this delicate area. To help you out in this, you should probably consult a dermatologist especially if you are concerned about the position of the skin tags. The penis is a very sensitive organ and some methods can be harmful to you. Take for example the use of heat to kill the cell tissue within the skin tags.

There are many other methods, however, that you can use to remove penile skin tags. For example you could tie a piece of cotton around them or use cryotherapy to freeze them off.

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