Skin Tags On The Penis

For those who are in search for an answer as to the possibility of skin tags on the penis and scrotum developing, the answer is a yes. It is very possible for any man to have skin tags at the most unexpected areas of the body such as the penis and the scrotum. There are even instances in which skin tags are developed on the opening of the penis tip.

The reason why skin tags on the penis and scrotum may occur is that there is an association with friction at the site where skin tags develop. It is mainly due to the friction that makes it possible for the skin to get irritated especially when repetition is involved. Some of the most common activities that triggers the development of skin tags include wearing underwear, use of condom, engaging into sexual activities, use of urinary catheters, and masturbation. There is a necessity for biopsy of a tissue if there is an involved condition of the skin which is caused by sexually transmitted virus. But then again, the very reason why some men develop skin tags on the penis and others don’t, just like any other skin tags, is not plainly identified by science.

Taking into consideration that one of the most common activities that trigger the development of skin tags is the engagement into sexual activities, it is very ideal for a patient who is undergoing skin tag treatment to reduce the movement of the penis by means of not having sexual intercourse and masturbating. It has to be understood that sexual intercourse and masturbation greatly chafe the skin tags because of the movement of the penis as well as the scrotum.

Since skin tags may develop just about anywhere on the body, it is very likely for the penis and scrotum to get skin tags. However, there is nothing to be worried about since this kind of growths does not bring any harm to the affected individual.

Penile skin tags usually have the resemblance of tiny fingers. When it comes to its color, it depends on the skin tone of the penis of the affected individual.

People of this generation can greatly benefit from the skin tag removal methods that are very popular these days. There are simple surgical procedures that a patient may undergo to, while there are also some techniques that are complex.

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