Skin Tag Removal By Freezing

Skin tag removal by freezing has become very popular because of its effectiveness and one time treatment for skin tag removal. Freezing methods often make the skin smoother, and healthier after the operations and the likelihood of the tags to regrow after the surgery is very low compared to some other forms of treatments. There has not been an acceptable medical reason for the development of skin tags, however other factors such as ageing, and frictional movements on the skin as well as weight gain have been attributed to the development of these tags.

Freezing methods are also referred to as cryotherapy or cryo-surgery. To use freezing methods on warts, a physician often employs an extremely cold substances like Nitrogen, Argon, or cold ice alongside a freezing material. The procedure for wart freezing is fast, easy and carries risks of scarring. Most individuals who have skin tags are often skeptical about some of the agents used in the surgical procedures for skin tags removal and as such they tend to shy away from it.

Skin tag freezing procedures are conducted in the laboratory or office of a dermatologist and the surgery is mostly performed without offering the patient any local anesthesia. There are three ways by which cryosurgery or freezing is performed on the skin tag, the commonest one is the dipping of a cotton swab in the cryogen {the liquid Nitrogen or argon} and then the cotton is applied on the affected skin region and a freezing temperature of about -196 degree Celsius is applied. The extremely low temperature is applied on the skin tags quickly to freeze the cells from further growth. Depending on the size of the skin tags, the whole procedure may take between 5 to 20 seconds, while some unusual larger skin tags may take longer.

The removal of skin tags through cryosurgery comes with several benefits both to the patient and the dermatologist, first it is a simple process that is quick and easy to perform The possible side effects being if it is done by untrained hands deep scarring may occour, cryosurgery can also help to prevent such skin tags from reoccurring in the future since all the cells involved in the growth has been frozen, it also allow healthy cells to grow on the treated area very rapidly , elderly patients who cannot withstand the pains or pressures of other forms of skin tag removal surgery can make use of cryotherapy treatments.

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