Will My Children Get Skin Tags?

Skin tags occur for a number of reasons, while it is believed that weight gain, hormonal imbalances seem to be the main cause, there is a growing evidence that most people suffer as a result of hereditary factors, these hereditary skin tags have been studied for a long time now especially considering the pattern of growth as well as the size of skin tags. Skin tags are also examined by their growth patterns, and color among several others.

One of the areas where skin tags have been linked with genetic factors is the fact that obese or overweight people often have a higher tendency of developing the condition. Skin tags are noticeable around skin folds and other areas of the body where excess fats are being deposited. If you actually want to know whether your children will get skin tags or not, unfortunately there is no definitive answer. However a good indication can be the pattern of weight gain in your children. If your children are growing up the same way you gained weight, then they will likely develop skin tags on the parts of the body where yours developed.

The size of the skin tag on your skin may determine the size of those your children develop. Sizes of skin tags often range from 1mm to 1cm in diameter, while some may develop to the size of a small grape. Skin tags may look wrinkled or plump but are always attached to the skin by a thin stalk. Most hereditary skin tags often appear round and plump because of a deposit of fluids in the skin outgrowths. If your skin tags look wrinkled and not thick, then they might be as a result of another cause and not genetics, in which case your children may not develop them.

When skin tags protrude from the face, chest and genital regions, you should be wary of the fact that such skin tags can be a result of some genetic weight gain problems, your children who possess such genetic traits will be likely to develop skin tags in such areas of the skin where they can easily put on weight and the skin rubs together. The color of your skin tag has nothing to do with your children developing them or not, skin tags often take the color of the skin or may appear a little darker than the surrounding skin.

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