Prevent Skin Tags

There are so many ways by which you can prevent skin tags from occurring on your skin. Hereditary skin tags may seem very difficult to prevent but there are several ways through which you can reduce your chances of developing them , perhaps through weight control. Aside from hereditary, skin tags relating to pregnancies can also be very difficult to prevent because such tags are triggered by a sharp increase in the hormonal levels in the body and as such , they will naturally fade away after child birth and when hormonal levels have returned to normal.

Weight control is perhaps the best possible way of preventing skin tags. If you are not pregnant , you should engage in lots of exercises{ at least 30 minutes a day}. Skin tags often occur in areas where folds are appearing on the skin, these folds occur when there are no spaces for skin to expand any longer and such folds rub against each other. Regular exercises can help cut off excess fat from the body and that will help prevent the formation of skin tags.

Diet is another way you can use to control the development of skin tags on the skin. What you eat will determine your body size. When you eat less junk and fatty foods, and consume more of protein rich foods and fibers, you will easily control your weight and the skin folds which accompany weight gain will not form on your skin. You can make use of dietary supplements if you think you are not getting enough nutrients that your body deserves.

You can prevent the growth of skin tags by wearing loose clothes rather than thick and tight fitted clothes. It is believed that several skin tags may develop on your skin when your clothes rub against your skin consistently. Many genital skin tags for instance occur as a result of wearing too-tight underwear which then rubs against the genital region.

If you are pregnant, you don’t have to do any strenuous exercises that will hurt the growing baby, there are some injections that can be offered by your doctor to help your body control your hormonal balance better{ keep in mind that skin tags that develop from hormonal imbalance during pregnancies will naturally disappear once the baby has been born}. Skin tags can be prevented also be keeping yourself hydrated all day long.

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