Will Skin Tags Disappear Without Treatment?

Skin Tags can be ugly and embarrassing especially when they are in obvious places where people can see them. You do not have to be afraid of the possibility of skin tags turning to something much more dangerous. As a matter of fact, skin tags are not harmful, they are non-cancerous growths which can be easily removed. The texture and size may alter the colour of skin tags a little bit {most will take the colour of the skin on which they grow}. Aside from the fact that they pose some cosmetic problems, they are nothing to be worried about, it is extremely rare to find a malignant skin tag.

You will likely find the worst forms of skin tags growing on exposed areas of the skin; the face, the eyelid area and the armpits are some of the worst places you will want to see such tags. Skin tags do not disappear and they always stick to the skin for an entire lifetime and unless you cut them or use any other means to remove them, skin tags will never disappear without treatment.

Skin tags are generally not painful however when they rub against the skin or against the inner side of clothes, they may produce a little painful sensations. They do not disappear because they are an extension of the skin and they are not like warts, freckles or acne which break out of the skin and which can be treated easily. Skin tags do not break out and they are not infections or caused by any bacterial, fungi or virus, they only protrude on the surface of the skin and they receive a constant blood supply, moisture and nutrients just like any other part of the body.

You should seek help when you want to remove skin tags because when they are not removed under hygienic conditions, they may result in scars on the skin, and dealing with such scars can be more problematic than dealing with the skin tags themselves. Every one of the instruments that must be used in the removal of skin tags must be sterilized in order to prevent any form of diseases entering the treated areas.

Skin tags cannot disappear on their own until you cut the supply of blood, moisture and nutrients to the area, the tags will continue to look healthy and become part of your skin.

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