Vitamins & Skin Tags

Despite the fact that skin tags are harmless, their unsightly appearances can really make a very smooth skin look bad. When skin tags appear on the ear lobes, lips or neck, they become highly irritating. It is quite hard to pin down the real cause of skin tags but it is believed that constant friction between the skin or between the skin and clothing can result in the problem, however the medical pathways are not actually understood.

Though there are several OTC medications that can be used to remove skin tags but the use of Vitamins can help deal with the situation progressively and can also prevent future reoccurrences. Vitamins C and E are the most common Vitamins used to treat skin tags.

Vitamin C as a matter of fact is more popularly used. Its concentration includes 10 and 20% in most topical creams used in the treatment of skin tags and other skin rejuvenation formulations. Liquid Vitamin C can be found in many stores and can be used to progressively remove skin tags. The acidic nature of Vitamin C can make skin tags dry up , hence it must be religiously applied according to their size. Using Vitamin C alone will cause the ski tags to fall off after drying up but may leave some blemishes , hence you need to combine it with some Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is known to contain skin rejuvenating agents such as tocopherols and tocotrienols. Vitamin E also possess restorative and conditioning features which help in preventing scarring on the skin. Skin ointments formulated with Vitamin E can also be used in dealing with skin conditions like acne. The use of Vitamin E to dry up skin tags may take up longer periods than when Vitamin E is used.

Vitamin E and C food supplements may help to some extent in skin tag removal but should not be solely depended upon, the actual acidic formulations is the best possible way of removing skin tags. Skin tag removal can be a routine medication for some people especially those who have bigger or clustered skin tags which often become harder to remove. Some skin tags might result in lack of moisture and in such cases the individual will need to increase his or her moisture content only after the skin tags has been removed.

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