Vaginal Skin Tags

Women who are concerned about whether they have skin tags in the vagina, it has to be taken into consideration that there are usually no skin tags seen in the vagina. In the same manner, there are usually no skin tags present in areas that are moist and mucosal. But then again, there are some types of harmless polyps that appear in these parts of the body. The vaginal area may have soft fibromas or irritation polyps. These may also be present in the mouth and even in the anal area. In general, skin tags arise on areas of the skin that are dry such as armpits, neck, and the folds of the groin. There are instances when genital warts are misconstrued as a skin tag. Warts that are seen on the genital are growths that are brought about by sexually transmitted virus.

There are a few recorded cases in which skin tags are located at the external genitalia such as the labia minora and the labia majora. There are several factors that may contribute to the appearance of skin tags at the external genitalia including masturbation, sexual activity, and the normal friction from feminine sanitary product, underwear, and panty liner.

Most of the time, the affected individual is not aware that skin tags are already growing in the vaginal opening and the vulva. But then again, the need for treatment when it comes to vaginal skin tags is not considered as necessary unless there are significant swelling and pain involved.

Sexual contact plays a significant role in the irritation experienced by women who have bigger vaginal skin tags. The rubbing of these lumps during sexual contact triggers the feeling of being irritated. The bright side of having vaginal skin tags is that it is not a contagious matter.

When the vaginal skin tags are to be looked at closely, it can be noted that the opening of the vagina may be disfigured. Unlike genital Herpes and Human Papilloma Virus that may be apparent to the genital of a woman, skin tags are benign lumps of the skin that must not be worried about.

Vaginal skin tag removal is popular these days to women who want to get rid of the unpleasant growths of the skin. There are now several options available for those who are interested on vaginal skin tags removal.

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