Causes Of Skin Tags

Medical experts have not provided a comprehensive detail on the real causes of skin tags, however there is evidence to suggest that some people are more predisposed to the development of them than others. Skin tags often appear gross in nature, however they are not harmful or cancerous in any way and they can be easily removed through various means.

There is evidence that skin tags run in some families, however babies are not born with them , neither is the problem common in  young children. It is thus believed that if any of your parents have them, you will likely develop the problem too. Skin tags have also been attributed to age as the problem will likely occur during the middle age era. It is estimated that almost 60% of people over the age of 50 have skin tags, and many are still searching for the most suitable kind of skin tag removal.

Obesity and general weight gain has also been linked to the formation of skin tags on the body. You will likely have a higher chance of developing these tags when you are overweight. Medical research has found out that friction between skin surfaces can actually result in the formation of skin tags,  friction especially within the neck, genital areas, armpits, and the groin area will lead to skin tag formation. In addition, women can have skin tags beneath their breasts, as many people get older, the chances of getting overweight becomes higher, this explains why many older people have skin tags than younger ones.

Some research has also indicated that changes in hormonal levels especially during pregnancy can also trigger skin tags. This has been seen by many as a mere speculation. How come they do not appear on some pregnant women, despite the fact that they gain weight and also have some hormonal changes? They are just lucky, skin tags do not disappear even when such pregnant women have given birth and their hormone levels are restored.

There are some other reports which have linked skin tags  & diabetes. You should be aware of this and speak to your physician about such possibilities. You need to check whether there are several underlying medical conditions attached to skin tag development on the skin. Many of the causes of skin tags are still undergoing investigations and they may remain speculations until proven otherwise.

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