Remove Skin Tags At Home

Skin tags are harmless outgrowths that occur on the skin after blood vessels and collagen are trapped within thin bits of skin. There are not cancerous at all but this does not mean that it is okay for one to have them. In fact, they are irritating just to look at them, especially if the appear on a body part that is very visible like the face. Therefore, it is important for one to have them removed as soon and as effectively as possible. Which ways can you use to remove skin tags at home, you ask?

To remove skin tags at home, you need to employ the simplest methods that can be easily executed at home. This means that you stick to skin tag removal methods that use things that are widely available. An example of such a method is a simple surgical procedure that involves the direct cutting of the skin tag from its base. All that is required in such a case is for you to obtain a fully sterilized scalpel or any other cutting tool like a knife or a pair of scissors.

The sterilization process is easy and what you need is perhaps pass the cutting tool over a flame. An alternative method would be leaving the instrument in alcohol, spirit or hydrogen peroxide. This completely gets rid of the germs.

If you are scared of pain, you can opt for a string method of removing skin tags. This involves the string that is tightly tied at the base of the skin tag’s stalk. This slowly derives the cell tissue within it oxygen and other nutrients. After a couple of days, these cells die out slowly making the skin tag fall off. If you do not have a string for this method, you can comfortably use a duct tape. However, please make sure that you tightly tie it.

A more sophisticated yet effective method that you can use to remove skin tags at home is cryotherapy. This is best carried out by dermatologists but you can also do it as long as you are very careful. To carry it out, first acquire some liquid nitrogen and spray it on the skin tags. This should kill the cells within it, hence making it to fall off.

There is therefore a range of ways that can be used to remove skin tags at home. No matter the one that you choose, please ensure that you are very careful to avoid harming yourself or bringing about an infection.

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