Q&A: Could this be genital skin tags?

Sarah asks…

Could this be genital skin tags?

ok i shaved “down there”, then two days later i got a bump. its not on my vagina but on the on the crease of your leg and body. but its not like an ingrown hair. its almost like a skin tag or pimple. but a little bigger and it hurts. i went to the gyno last month and i didnt have anything wrong. and my pap came back fine. and i havent been with anyone new. do you think its a genital skin tag or wart or just a hair bump from shaving?
thank you in advance 🙂

admin answers:

If your pap came back fine and you are in an exclusive sexual relationship and it’s on your leg it’s probably not genital wart. Its more than likely a skin tag or ingrown hair – both of which are totally harmless.