Q&A: How can I remove small skin tags without surgery?

John asks…

How can I remove small skin tags without surgery?


admin answers:

If you went to your family MD he/she might use a surgical suture (a string if you will) and tie a knot around the skin tag, so its not really classed as what you might consider to be “surgery”. The suture stays on until tag falls off. The suture/knot is very tight and cuts off the flow of blood to the skin. I have seen people who have literally pulled them out (very small skin tags) and they bleed. However the bleeding does stop.
If you have a lot of them you may want to consult your MD anyhow. Are you sure they are skin tags, any discoloration, size, shape changes? Check with your doctor first and then either ask him/her to remove them or you could try our skin tag removal kit which takes one 15 minute application and after that the skin tag will fall off on its own.


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