Skin Tag Remedy

A skin tag is non-contagious & non-cancerous growth that occurs on the skin on any part of the body. It is completely harmless and benign and it has no chance of developing into any serious disease unless you do not treat it accordingly and it perhaps develops an infection.

So, which are the best ways to get rid of skin tags? There are many skin tag remedy that you can use. However, most of them usually depend on the number of skin tags you have and the area they are located.

Take for example skin tags on the face. Facial skin tags cannot obviously be removed by cutting because they would definitely leave scars. Cutting, or simple surgery, can be applied to areas that are less visible to other people. This method involves the use of a cutting instrument like scalpel or a pair of scissors to cut the skin tags from the base, right next to the healthy skin. Before starting out on it, it is advisable to first ensure that you sterilize the instrument that you intend to use. You can do this by simply passing the instrument over a flame or dipping it in hydrogen peroxide or any type of alcohol. You should then numb the area around the skin tag then carefully cut it off using the scalpel.

Cryotherapy is another skin tag remedy that you may wish to try out, especially if you have the tag on the visible body parts like the face. This method involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the cell tissues within the skin tag hence killing them. After they die, the skin tag then falls off. This is one of the most effective methods especially in removing many skin tags. Many people actually like it because it does not leave any scar.

Some dermatologists may choose to use electrolysis to remove your skin tag. Just as the name suggests, this is a method that uses electricity, in which a current is passed through the skin tag to kill the cells within it. Once the cells are killed, the skin tag then falls off, mostly without leaving a scar.

For individuals who would rather go for the natural skin tag remedies, there is a wide range of plant extracts that can be rubbed on skin tags to remove them.

No matter the skin tag remedy that you choose, please try as much as possible to have it effectively removed and when this is done, ensure that you do not get infections in that area.

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