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Eyelid skin tags are the ordinary skin tags that are formed on the eyelids. It’s not uncommon to always develop the skin tags mostly on the eyes. This is because the eyelids tend to have wrinkles sooner than most pother parts of our body. The eyelid skin tags are among the most conspicuous of all benign skin growths.  Even the smallest of eyelid skin tags are very conspicuous. Skin tags can be skin-colored, dark brown, or even be black in color. Skin tags are always raised from the surface of the skin and often have a fleshy stalk. Skin tags are harmless; however, when located on eyelids, they often make us very self-conscious about our looks and how others see of us. Skin tags on eyelids look really ugly and people desperately wish to get rid of them. Do not be twitchy and cut off the eyelid skin tags in such a rash manner that they start bleeding. You might also run the risk of affecting the nerves on your eyelids of you cannot get the job done well.

How do you treat eyelids skin tags?

Clip the Skin Tag

Sterilize a pair of nail clippers by soaking them in boiling water. After sterilizing, place them on a clean cloth. Next, tie a clean thread or dental floss at the bottom of the skin tag. Using a mirror, carefully clip the skin tag in one smooth motion. Make sure you clip it right above the thread or dental floss so that you do not clip the eyelid. You need to clean the eyelid by dipping a Q-tip into hydrogen peroxide. Very carefully rub the area of the eye lid to prevent infection. Make sure you do not drip hydrogen peroxide into your eye. When doing anything near or around the eye, be very careful.

You can visit your physician at the earliest to remove your eyelid skin tags by methods such as burning or freezing or cryography. However, you can also remove the skin tags at home without spending pots of money to remove them.

Finally it is always best to avoid such procedures so as to keep your eye in the best condition. Some people always opt for surgical methods to cure eyelid skin tags. This is because they fear that they will injure their eyes and will have to undergo more treatments to put things right. You can opt to remove your eyelid skin tag at home but be very careful and confident when you do so.

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Skin tag has a way of making the body look very unsightly. Things can get out of hands when the skin condition comes up on places like the genitals and the anus. Skin tag on the anus can lead to complicated conditions if it is not removed on time. Skin tag is associated with areas of the body where friction is common. When it comes up on the skin, it looks like hanging grain of rice and it usually has the same color as the color of the skin on which it is growing. So as to avoid possible infection, skin tag on the anus should be removed on time.

Various treatment methods

So many natural methods are available for treating skin tag today. This means that you will never have to visit the hospital at all in order to get the thing treated. Hospital treatment of skin tag can be considerably expensive. This is completely unlike what you experience when you choose to treat the skin condition right at home. Skin tag treatment is not covered by your health insurance. This means you will have to pay to get them removed at the hospitals. In case you do not have the money to bear this financial burden, you can always depend on any of the available home treatment methods.

Liquid nitrogen can help

Liquid nitrogen had been used extensively for the treatment of skin tag on the anus at home. It involves the direct application of the liquid nitrogen on the skin tag and the later will get frozen. When the skin tag freezes up this way, it is a question of time before it dies off.  You will only need to apply the liquid nitrogen directly one the surface of the skin condition as many times as possible in the day.

Cut it off

A simple scissors or nail cutter can be used to cut off the skin condition. This is a very fast method for removal of skin tag. It had also been discovered to be a very painful method to adopt. The nail cutter should be held close to the root of the skin condition before it is cut. A spot will most likely from on the place where the skin tag had been cut off after the spot is healed. You can make use of lightening creams to help remove the spot from your body. You can still make a search online for several other natural ways of removing this skin condition.


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A skin tag can come up on any part of the body. It had been around for quite a while and several individual scientists have been making researches into this skin condition and how it can be taken care of. The several researches had led to the development of what is known as skin tag removal kit. The kit is one thing you will need if you really want to get rid of any kind of this skin condition. There is no kind that it does not contain equipment for. It consists of several simple equipments that can be easily used in taking care of this skin problem.

The main contents

The skin tag removal kit contains lots of equipments. They are also very easy to make use of and you will never need any kind of extended tutelage on how to make use of each and every one of them. One of the equipments you will find in the kit includes the tweezers. With the aid of this equipment, you can easily remove the growth from your skin. You can use the tool to get hold of the base of the skin tag and hold it until the tag freezes. This will help to remove the tag from the root. You need to dip the tool into liquid nitrogen for some seconds and use the tool to hold the base of the skin tag. Hold it in this position until the tag freezes before removing the tool.

Other tools

Another very important tool contained in a skin tag removal kit includes the scissors. This can be used to hold cut off the tag right from its root. In place of the duo, you can also make use of the nail cutter. This can be very effective to be used for removing the tag from your skin.

How to use the kit

While you are making use of the skin tag removal kit, you need to ensure proper sterility of the tools.  After you must have finished using the kits, make sure that you sterilize it before returning it back into the kit box.  It is also not in your best interest to share the tools with someone else.


It is not too expensive to buy the skin tag removal kits. Check any of the utility store or drug stores that we have around and you should be able to lay your hands on one that you can use for removing tags from your skin.



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There is nothing fashionable or attractive about the appearance of skin tag on the skin. Anyone having it will have no other thought other than how to get rid of it. In case you do not fancy the skin tag growing on your skin, you can always implement several of the removal methods available to get rid of it. Skin tag looks like a hanging grain of rice and this can be very unsightly if the skin condition decides to grow on very obvious places on your skin like your face and arms. When the skin tag comes up on places that are concealed by clothing, the constant friction between the skin tag and the clothing can lead to the formation of bruise, which will make the skin tag bleed. Bruised skin tag can lead to further complication.

Different removal methods

Several researches had been performed into this skin condition and how to remove it. There are so many removal methods out there and you should never have any problem in choosing one that will work well for you. In case you have tried several of the available treatment methods without any success, you can always try liquid nitrogen

How effective?

Liquid nitrogen is one of the most reliable treatment methods for skin tag. This method had been used by several people affected by skin tag with very good results. The use of liquid nitrogen is also very well acceptable; considering the fact that it does not leave any spot or scar after the skin condition had been removed from your skin. It is very easy to buy the liquid nitrogen over the counter. You can also carry out the treatment of the skin condition right at home without any expert’s direction.

Its application

Liquid nitrogen should be placed directly on the skin tag. After the liquid nitrogen had been applied to the skin condition, you should endeavor to wrap the skin condition with duct tape. Liquid nitrogen can get easily evaporated from the skin. But the duct tape will help to keep the liquid in place until it performs the needed healing.


In order to get very fast result from this treatment method, you should carry out the application for up to twice in a day. This consistent application should bring the needed healing in a matter of days. It is important to clean the skin area before the liquid nitrogen is applied.

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Skin tag has become a considerably popular skin condition. This is due to the fact that the number of individuals having it is on the increase.  The popularity had therefore prompted several researches on how to get it removed from your skin. These days, it is very easy to come by several treatment methods that can help you to remove the skin condition from your skin.  You also do not need to visit the hospital to get it removed. You can apply several of the available methods right at home.   Do you have a deep love for herbal products? There are some of them that you can use to remove skin tag from your skin. Some of the common ones will be made known through this write up.


This is a very popular herbal product that is specially made to get rid of skin tag from your skin. This product had never been reported to have any contrary health implication. This is because it is completely derived from natural herbal sources. You only need to apply it topically on the skin tag and you can be sure of complete removal of the skin condition within a short period of time. For quicker result, you can apply dermasil up to twice in a day. Make sure you cover the application with duct tape to keep it on the skin condition

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil had also been used extensively for the treatment of skin tag. This is one of the most reliable products anyone can ever lay his hands upon.  This is a completely natural product that will never have any side effect on you. Tea tree oil had also been discovered to work well on several skin types. It can also help to get rid of the skin condition in a matter of days. It is possible to get already prepared tea tree oil products to buy over the counter in case you do not have access to the source. You should however ensure that the product you are buying is 100% pure. If not, the product may not work on the skin tag.


Some topical creams had also been composed from natural products and they can be very helpful in removing the skin condition. You only need to apply the topical cream on the skin condition and you can be sure of complete healing within a short period of time.


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A skin tag is a protruding section of the skin that resembles a tag. Skin tags commonly occur in areas where there is friction between skin and skin. These areas include armpits, under breasts, eyelids, groin, chest, and upper neck. Skin tags are not cancerous and cause no symptoms unless they are agitated by scratching or rubbing. If large skin tags are subjected to a lot of pressure they can rapture. The components of a skin tag include: ducts, fibrous tissue, nerve cells, fat cells and an epidermis. There are people who are more susceptible to the condition probably as a result of being overweight, hereditary factors, and other unknown reasons. They are also common for people who have diabetes.

One of the methods that are used to remove skin tags is freezing. It is the most widely used method of skin tag removal but many people shy away from skin tag removal. The main reason is because skin tags usually occur in sensitive private areas of the body such as under breasts and the genital area. Although skin tags are not cancerous, they can be very unsightly to look at. As a result, many developments have been made in the procedures involved while removing them.

The process of skin tag freezing usually took place in a hospital but this has recently changed dramatically. There has been an increase in production of freezing kits that can be safely used in homes. This has in turn caused a considerable reduction in the prices of home skin tag freezing kits. As a result, they have become very easily accessible to people who used to be embarrassed about having skin tags. Skin tag freezing kits are not very well known and people usually get difficulties deciding what type of kit to buy.

One of the most popular freezing kits is known as a cryosurgery freezing kit. This kit can be able to instantly freeze more than 21 different lesions on the skin such as tags and warts. This kit is relatively more expensive than other kits but it is more effective as well.

The Histofreezer Cryosurgery freezing kit is yet another type of kit used to freeze skin tags. The freezing kit is usually enough for 5 freezes and it is easy and safe to use. The freezing process with this skin tag freezing kit takes about 40 seconds and it has been proven to have a 100% rate of success in dealing with skin tags.

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Skin tags are protruding pieces of skin that occur in certain areas of the body. They are mostly known to occur in areas where there is friction between two parts of skin such as eyelids. Although they present no health risks, people find them ugly and as a result look for ways in which they can remove them.

According to doctors, skin tags occur in all people regardless of whether they are young or old, male or female. Older people, diabetes patients, pregnant women, and overweight people are however more affected by skin tags. Doctors would not usually recommend that skin tags be removed since they do not pose any danger to the health of a person. As a result people remove them for cosmetic reasons and due to irritation. Skin tags may sometimes occur in areas where they frequently rub against clothing and jewelry causing a lot of irritation to a person. Skin tags on the faces of men can affect shaving which is a reason why they are removed.

There are many techniques used to remove skin tags such as surgical excision and freezing. Many people prefer to go to the hospital to have their skin tags removed. It is sometimes very embarrassing to go to a doctor since skin tags can develop in sensitive areas such as the genital region. In order to avoid the embarrassment, some people decide to remove the skin tags at home. One method in particular has become very popular for use in removing skin tags, especially at home. This is the use of nail polish to remove the skin protrusions.

The process of using nail polish to remove skin tags is very rudimentary but it has been found to be an effective solution to this condition. The procedure of using nail polish to remove skin tags is very simple. All that a person needs to do is to apply nail polish on the skin tag and allow the nail polish to dry completely. After the nail polish has been on the skin tag for some time, the skin tag begins to wither away. Application of nail polish should be repeated about three times each day since the nail polish comes off. The skin tag shrinks slowly over a period of a few weeks. In about three to four weeks, the skin tag disappears completely. This method is not the fastest way to remove skin tags but the important point is that it works and is also quite cheap.

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Skin tags are simply pieces of protruding skin that are not cancerous. It is therefore safe to remove them or to let them stay. There are many ways to remove skin tags at home. A person can also get them removed at a hospital. Before removing skin tags at home, a person should be sure that they are not made of malignant tissue. If a tissue is malignant, it grows rapidly and consistently changes shape and color. If a supposed skin tag behaves like this, medical attention should be sought.

One method of naturally removing skin tags is using tea tree oil. The oil is well known to remedy many conditions of the skin. The skin tag should first be washed and left to dry completely. After that a cotton ball is soaked in tea tree oil and applied on the skin tag. The process should be repeated two to three times daily. The skin tag shrinks gradually and disappears completely or falls off.

Another natural way to deal with skin tags is using castor oil. It should be mixed with baking soda and the paste applied on skin tags. This method works in the same way as using tea tree oil.

Another method that is widely practiced in homes is using nail polish. Nail polish is applied on the skin tag and left to dry. The polish eventually slips off and should be replaced when it does. It should be applied about three times daily for about a month. The skin tags shrinks slowly and eventually disappears.

Another method of skin tag removal is freezing. Using this method, skin tags are frozen within a matter of seconds which kills the cells in the tag. As a result, the tags eventually fall off as dead skin leaving the skin flat.

Sometimes skin tags can become quite large which makes ordinary removal techniques to take too long or be ineffective altogether. If this is the case, it is advisable to visit a doctor for a simple procedure that can have the tag off within a few minutes. One of the methods used by doctors is freezing. It is very fast and most of all it gets rid of skin tags.

Another method that is used when a skin tag has grown too big is laser surgery. This process takes a very short time and it is very accurate. A laser is used to cut the skin tag off and the process involves no downtime as a person waits for the area operated on to heal.

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Skin tags are a major disturbance especially when it comes to one’s physical appearance. Skin tags normally appear on folded skin as well as other parts of the body such as groin and face. Skin tags are not just disturbing cosmetically, but can also be painful when interfered with. Sometimes our clothes may rub against the skin tag making it sore and painful. Though skin tags are a normal occurrence to majority of the people, most people opt to have them cut off because of the shortcomings mentioned above.

Skin tags do not have any complications associated with them and that is why they can be removed easily. The good thing is that; they are noncancerous and heal fast once cut. Though at times during the removal process, the skin tags might get infected, chances of this occurring are minimal as long as you have followed the right procedure.

Skin tags home removal remedies are quite a number and simple to carry out. One thing that you should note when using these home removal methods; is that patience is needed, as these procedures normally take some time to eliminate the skin tag as compared to the other surgical methods carried out in hospitals. Normally with the home remedies, it would take a period of between one week and four weeks depending on the specific method used. But all in all the objective is the same and finally the skin tag will come off.

Some examples of the home skin removal remedies include tag tying. Here you need a thread or even a dental floss will do. You would also need antibiotic soap to clean up the area once the skin tag has been removed. What is supposed to be done is that you tie the skin tag at its base so that there is no blood flow to it. Once the supply of blood has been cut of, the skin tag will slowly shrink and disappear. However, with this method, some pain might be experienced as well as some swelling which may be sore.

Other methods to be used at home could be applying nail polish. This also kills that skin tag gradually with no pain at all. Baking soda and castor oil may be an alternative to this. A combination of baking soda and castor oil applied on the skin tag will make it to dry and fall off eventually. The other and most popular method is the use of pineapple cider and ginger juices. These three provide a perfect solution in eliminating the skin tags.

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Skin tag is a rather common skin condition today. Check the skin of many people you meet each day and you will discover that a great percentage of them are having this skin condition. Skin tag does not have any age limitation or any particular sex that is more affected; it can affect practically any one. There is also no specific race that is more susceptible to this skin condition.

While the skin tag is being removed, there are some things that should be carefully considered. Care must be taken not to cause further damage to the skin while the skin condition is being removed. If things are not done as they are supposed to be done, the skin condition may actually lead to something else more drastic. This write up will open your eyes to some of the things that should not be done while you are getting rid of your skin tag.

Treating skin tag medically rarely has any problem. This is because the trained medical experts that are helping you in removing the skin tag always follow the procedures that will ensure the safety of your skin and prevent any unbecoming outcome. Problems can however occur while the skin tag is being removed at home. This is because many of the guys doing it at home are not trained in anyway; they can also make use of very crooked equipments to get things done.

It is possible to get rid of skin tag by simply cutting it off. This is a very fast way to get things done. But while using this method on your skin tag, make sure that you do not use any equipment that is not appropriately sterilized. Any such equipment is sure to lead to some other complications. Cutting the skin tag with such equipment will bring about the entrance of the pathogens residing on the unsterilized cutting equipment into the fresh wound generated after cutting off the skin tag. This will invariably lead to infection and some other complication.


It is not safe to remove big skin tags at home. You will do well to get down to the hospital when they grow big. In order to avoid such increase in size of the skin tag, you will do well to    get rid of the skin tag as early as possible before they grow in size.

Tugging at the skin tag unnecessarily too should be avoided at all cost.

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