Skin Tag Removal: Liquid Nitrogen

There is nothing fashionable or attractive about the appearance of skin tag on the skin. Anyone having it will have no other thought other than how to get rid of it. In case you do not fancy the skin tag growing on your skin, you can always implement several of the removal methods available to get rid of it. Skin tag looks like a hanging grain of rice and this can be very unsightly if the skin condition decides to grow on very obvious places on your skin like your face and arms. When the skin tag comes up on places that are concealed by clothing, the constant friction between the skin tag and the clothing can lead to the formation of bruise, which will make the skin tag bleed. Bruised skin tag can lead to further complication.

Different removal methods

Several researches had been performed into this skin condition and how to remove it. There are so many removal methods out there and you should never have any problem in choosing one that will work well for you. In case you have tried several of the available treatment methods without any success, you can always try liquid nitrogen

How effective?

Liquid nitrogen is one of the most reliable treatment methods for skin tag. This method had been used by several people affected by skin tag with very good results. The use of liquid nitrogen is also very well acceptable; considering the fact that it does not leave any spot or scar after the skin condition had been removed from your skin. It is very easy to buy the liquid nitrogen over the counter. You can also carry out the treatment of the skin condition right at home without any expert’s direction.

Its application

Liquid nitrogen should be placed directly on the skin tag. After the liquid nitrogen had been applied to the skin condition, you should endeavor to wrap the skin condition with duct tape. Liquid nitrogen can get easily evaporated from the skin. But the duct tape will help to keep the liquid in place until it performs the needed healing.


In order to get very fast result from this treatment method, you should carry out the application for up to twice in a day. This consistent application should bring the needed healing in a matter of days. It is important to clean the skin area before the liquid nitrogen is applied.

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