Skin Tag Quick Home Removal

Skin tag does not look pretty at all on the skin. It is one skin condition that should be not be left lying around on the skin for too long. If you let it remain on your skin, lots of other complications can set in. skin tag growing on a place like the genitals can easily get bruised and infected. When skin tag gets infected, you may have to go through lots of problems in getting the things treated. Skin tag does not however have any negative health effect on its own. If there is no possibility of the thing getting bruised, you can decide to leave it on your skin; provided the funny appearance the skin condition gives you does not bother you.

How to remove it

You can decide to get the skin condition removed through surgery. This is however considerably expensive. Since your health insurance does not cover for such a surgical procedure, you are expected to pay for it by yourself. If you do not have the financial muscle to bear surgical removal of your skin tag, there are some simple home treatment methods that you can carry out on the skin condition.

Liquid nitrogen

Instead of wasting your money and time at the hospital, you can easily get the skin condition removed right at home using liquid nitrogen. Walk into any drug store and you should be able to buy liquid nitrogen without any doctor’s prescription. The liquid nitrogen can then be applied on the skin condition and you can be sure of complete removal of the skin condition in a matter of days.  Duct tape should be applied on the skin condition after the application of the liquid nitrogen.

Tie it up

You can also make use of thread to remove the skin condition from your skin.  This treatment method involves tying a thin thread around the base of the skin tag. This will stop the blood and nutrient supply into the skin tag. The skin tag will ‘starve’ and dies off with time.

Clip it off

Some people may not have the patience to apply any of the treatment methods described above. In case you are one of the restless fellows and you will love to get rid of the skin condition immediately, you can always cut the thing of directly using a pair of surgical scissors; provided you can lay your hands on one.


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