Will My Children Have Skin Tags?

Skin tags have no specific cause although there are certain factors that have been proven to increase the risk of developing them. These include; obesity, diabetes, steroid use, pregnancy and of course genetics or hereditary. They also occur among people of all ages but are more common in people above the age of forty.

A very critical skin tag issue is their occurrence in children. Can they occur among children? Or rather, as many parents would ask, “Will my children have skin tags?”

Skin tags are not discriminatory age-wise. They do occur in children just like in adults. But what causes this? First, there is the fact that children get skin tags due to inheritance from someone along their blood line. So if you are planning to have children and at the same time have blood relatives with skin tags, there is a chance that your children may develop them in later life.

Skin tags in babies mostly appear on the ears, although not in all cases. They may also occur in other parts of the body like the arms, legs or around the groin area. Vaginal skin tags in children, for example, require a lot more attention than any other tags. They should not be dismissed as mere tags as they could have dangerous bacteria or viruses within them that could cause vaginal infections in the future.

Children can also get skin tags later in life and not necessarily as babies. In the event of this, you as a parent should strive to have the skin tag removed as it may be very irritating to the child. This is because children generally try to scratch them off, something that both is painful and induces bleeding.

If your children have skin tags it is not something that should be of great worry as there are many methods a dermatologist can use to effectively get rid of them, that is, if you take the initiative to consult him or her.

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