Skin Tags On The Groin

Skin tags are small flaps of skin that protrude and are usually a benign skin growth that forms in some areas of the skin. Skin tags are harmless since they are non-cancerous growths and painless and mostly they do not grow or change over time. Skin tags are most common to appear on the neck, armpit and groin and they rarely appear on the face. Research studies done on skin tags shows that they occur from rubbing up against skin, since they are often found in skin fold and crease. They are also common in diabetic and overweight people and in pregnant women.

Skin tags on the groin is most common in men when compared to women and they are most irritating and may even bleed upon injury as they have a blood supply enabling them to grow. Tags of skin on the groin can be caused by a couple of factors which include illegal steroids, insulin rejection, aging and obesity and they may appear in the left or right groin.

Skin tags on the groin do not pose any health risk of concern as they masses of excess skin that are non-cancerous and painless although they are irritating when subjected to rubbing. Skin tags on the groin may increase in size as they are supplied with blood which causes them to increase therefore raising a matter of concern on how to treat them.

A skin tag can be treated with a couple of different methods which includes using electrocautery, cryotherapy, laser skin tag treatment, local anesthetic and general anesthesia. Skin tags on groin can be treated as easily and painlessly as other areas. A patient can be administered a local anesthetic if required and the skin tag in the groin area may be removed by a surgical scissors or by ligation that is tying a tight string at the base of the skin tag to cut off the blood supply.

Skin tags on the groin can also be removed by cryotherapy where liquid nitrogen is applied to the skin tags in order to freeze them. Cryotherapy kills the cells of the groin skin tags without injuring or affecting the surrounding tissues.

Skin tags on groin can also be removed by using advanced cosmetic procedures (ACP) or otherwise known as advanced electrolysis where an electrolysis machine is used to treat the skin tags. The electrolysis machine has advanced settings capable of removing skin tags of all sizes.

Once skin tags are treated they will rarely come back. However, new ones may arise if further friction continues but they can successfully be treated by repeating previous methods of treatment.

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