Swollen Skin Tags

Swollen Skin Tags

Whenever one gets skin growths, in a higher scenario cause one to be alarmed; with them asking if they have a dangerous skin condition. Skin tags however, are in fact very harmless growths that are no danger to the health and well been of one’s skin. They are benign thus quite harmless and as such one can live with them for the rest of their life with no ill effects. Who they will affect does not factor in for they will be seen to appear even in the healthiest of people. As much as a skin tag is painless to have, they are not things one would like to have thus many will seek to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

There are instances where people who have had skin tags get worried when they start to swell. The reason why skin tags can swell may vary from person to person depending on how they handle the growths. A skin tag when small will not pose any huge problem and they are largely unnoticeable. It is when the tags have substantially grown that they become a nuisance to deal with. They become itchier when rubbed and will get swollen when scratched. In some cases a swollen skin tag can even end up bleeding.

The swelling andf bleeding of a skin tag will result in one having some level of pain. This is reason why one should always seek the advice of a skin specialist of any other skin professional when the growths start to be a bother. Nevertheless, right from the onset of the appearance of your first skin tag; the doctor’s diagnosis of the condition should be sought for. Swollen skin tags are even more sensitive to the touch and treating them while in such a state is never a good thing to do.

If the swollen skin tag is in an area of the body such as the anal or genital region, they prove to be very discomforting and should be removed.

If one has skin tags improperly removed, there will be swelling on those skin tags. Removal of the tags right from the stem of attachment to the skin when done well should not have one getting a swelling or in rare case the reoccurrence of the tags on the same spot.

Skin tags around the anal area can tend to swell due to rubbing. The swollen skin tags are as a result of bacterial build-up after the bowel movement; more-so if the tags are slightly bleeding. Once one notices that the skin tags are swollen one should seek the attention of a doctor.

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