Skin Tags On Vagina

Skin tags are a disorder of the skin that is purely not dangerous to someone’s health of body. they are painless and benign in nature. The skin tags that appear on the vagina are termed a genital skin tags. They are as a result of the vulva having a lot of friction with the knickers. As this is purely a woman’s skin condition, it is more noticeable among the expectant women. Skin tags on the vagina will crop up due to biological changes in the body. it also does tend to be present in the vulva for ladies who are on their periods.

Vaginal skin tags will, just like other skin tags be sensitive to rubbing especially if they are big in size. The growths have will be blotted when the periods set it and they go back to their initial size soon thereafter. Since they are painless skin growths they rarely need to be taken to the doctor. However, in case one feels that the skin tags are unpleasant to have around the vagina then one can have a dermatologist remove them. The main reason for removing the skin tags on the vagina is purely due to personal preference, driven largely due to sex related issues. If ones partner has skin growths on their genital area it is a real turn down.  When having sex the skin tags will be very irritating and will thus be a drag in one’s sex life if they are not removed.

Vaginal skin tags will have a pigmentation that is almost similar to that of the vulva or labia. They may at times be slightly darker or lighter in color.  Small skin tags may not pose to be a big bother to have around the vagina and their removal too will not be a big issue. Since they are small they have a lower sensitivity to friction but that may not always be the case. Large vaginal skin tags on the other hand will be an issue one has to have handled.

Since large skin tags tend to be sensitive to friction and in some instances will bleed. Having them removed will required the expertise of a skin specialist.  This is because skin around the vagina is usually very soft and sensitive. The best way of handling vaginal skin tags is by laser surgery or using liquid nitrogen to freeze the tags off the skin. These options are best for they leave a smooth healing on the skin after the skin tags are removed.

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