Skin Tags In Vaginal Area

Skin tags are very common to both men and women. This skin condition is however very harmless hence benign. The only problem with it is that most people feel that their beauty has been compromised. Skin tags are known to appear in several body parts which are subjected to friction including the armpits, the eyelids, upper chest, under the breasts and the neck for thick people.


Skin tags are caused by several reasons. You can inherit them, acquire them from an infected person, it can be brought about by obesity or even pregnancy hormones.


The vagina is one of the most vital parts of the female body. This is the reproductive organ of the female body and total hygiene and health should be attributed to this part. There are several diseases that attack the vagina and therefore, it is easy to find someone with skin tags in vaginal area. Skin tags in vaginal area are very uncomfortable and irritating.


For most women who are sexually active, confusing skin tags in vaginal area with an STD is very common. This puts the woman in a lot of panic if she does not know exactly what the matter is. Skin tags in vaginal area can be very embarrassing. The woman’s sexual partner might think that she is suffering from a sexually transmitted disease and seize from sleeping with the woman. Skin tags in vaginal area also rip off the woman’s self esteem and she might not feel comfortable exposing herself before anyone.


Skin tags in the vagina area also make sex to be quite a hustle. During sex, the tags might come in the way and make the sex a hustle. Any woman with skin tags in vaginal area will have her mind on the tags and not on the sex hence spoiling the moment. Having a bad sexual life is what pushes the women who have skin tags in vaginal area to seek treatment.


There are several remedies for skin tags in vaginal area. You can tie the base f the tags with a thread to prevent blood flow. Eventually, the skin tags in vaginal area will dry out and fall off. Removing skin tags in vaginal area can be done using a scalpel. The tags are tightly tied at the base to prevent blood flow and this numbs it. you then take a clean scalpel and cut the tag off.

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