Genital Skin Tags

In case you are suffering from genital skin tags, then it is vital to seek urgent treatment. This condition is very popular among sexually active persons. For men, they get affected around the penis and for women; the condition is eminent around the vagina. These skin tags can be very uncomfortable but most people will ignore them as they may feel embarrassed which makes them hide the condition from their partner.

Genital skin tags can be differentiated from genital warts. The tags are usually loosely hanging skin that contains no viruses while the genital warts are caused by viruses which can be sexually transmitted. The skin tags found on the genitals can be eliminated through surgical procedures which will depend upon the severity of the condition. For the small genital skin tags, there are numerous types of skin oils and ointments that can be directly applied. It is worth noting that since these skin tags are located in a very sensitive area, pain can be experienced during sexual intercourse.

The skin tags on the genital are mainly caused by friction of the skin. These tags are not contagious and therefore cannot be sexually transmitted. Since they are painless and harmless, the patient should not not be subjected to too much worry. However, most people would rush to the doctor immediately they notice genital skin tags. These tags are found in both men and women alike. In the male folk, the tags are often found near the penis shaft. In women, fluctuations in the hormonal levels will imply that the tags will vary in size during different periods of the month.

There are instances whereby the doctors may recommend surgery to get rid of the condition. However for those who are skeptical about the knife, they can actually eliminate the skin tags on their own. In the past, treating this condition mainly involved the use of ointments. Due to advancements in the world of medicine, there are various home remedies that can be used to treat Skin tags genital. The most common natural remedy for treating genital skin tags would involve consistent application of pastes that comprise of baking soda and castor oil.

Genital skin tags can cause complications during sexual intercourse. The skin should be thoroughly cleaned after sex so as to avoid it becoming affected. The instant you notice some infection on your skin tags, it is necessary and sufficient to pay your doctor a visit immediately.

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