Skin Tags Cures

Skin Tags Cures

A skin tag or acrochorda or fibro epithelial polyp is an excess growth of skin that appears in areas where the skin has folded. These areas include the groin, arm pits, neck or eyelids. They are fairly widespread and their cause is believed to be triggered by the friction of the skin against itself. People who are more prone to see skin tags on their bodies are usually diabetic, overweight or pregnant. Some people also believe skin tags are hereditary. Skin tags are typically quite small in size, about a grain of wheat and known to be quite harmless because they are neither painful nor change in size over a long time. The option to choose to go for skin tag cures depends purely on each individual.

To the naked eye, the skin tag surface appears either smooth or rough and is usually raised from the body by a thin stem made of skin called a peduncle. If left undisturbed by human actions like wearing jewelry, shaving or dressing, they are not known to pose any threat to life. There is a wide variety of skin tag cures available ranging from surgical, medical, herbal and home treatments. These may be necessary if the skin tags become irritated or cause their victim unusual emotional distress.

Since skin tags appear different from the rest of the skin, the temptation to look for skin tag cures is almost overwhelming. The best way to proceed with skin tag cures is to use methods that will not trigger other complications on the skin. For skin tag cures involving medical removal, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a trained professional. Skin tag cures using medical and surgical procedures include excision, surgical litigation, cryosurgery or cauterization.  These skin tag cures are the most expensive options.

Skin tag cures can also be affected by using herbal-based ointments that can be bought over the counter from any chemist. This option is less pricey, quick, pain free and shows results starting from 48 hours onwards. Skin tag cures can also be effected using remedies designed at home as long as they are followed correctly. Tying the stem off the skin tag with a string stops the flow of blood, dries out the skin tag and forces it to fall off within 2 days. Skin tag cures using this method are usually preferred because they are simple, easy to follow and do not involve use of external medication. Other skin tag cures involving home based remedies include application of solutions like castor oil, tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar. Once removed, the chances of the skin tag recurring are very low.


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