Causes Of Skin Tags

Many surveys are conducted on causes of skin tags and the results estimates that more than half of the population of the world is affected by the skin tags; every second person has skin tags on its skin and these are usually in the form of ear tags or eyelid tags or groin tags. But what are the causes of skin tags on the skin, this question has no answer yet from medical specialists. The reason is that they have no harms or threats for the person and are not responsible for the cause of any major disease therefore this research area, causes of skin tags, still has to be filled.

But the studies on causes of skin tags which have been conducted by some professionals find some of the reasons of the skin tags appearance on the skin. One of the many causes of skin tags is heredity. Actually heredity is the tendency of genes that results in the development of skin tags. Those before adult age who have skin tags appear on their skin are usually due to heredity. This disease may be inherited from parents by babies, that is, if parents are affected by skin tags then newly born babies will have skin tags appear on their skin.

Obesity is also one of the main causes of skin tags according to many researchers. People who are overweight have great chances of skin tags appearing on their skin. The usual position skin tags appear on the skin of such people includes armpits and eyelids. But what are the causes of skin tags for the appearance on the parts of these people? These causes of skin tags are yet to be discovered completely. One of the reasons for such appearance may be the rubbing of skin against the other skin and for the women the tags usually appear under the breast because of the skin of that part is usually rubbed with the underneath part.

The third main reason of causes of skin tags and the main reason for the women is pregnancy. The tags may appear under the breast, on the arms and between the folds of the neck. The good thing about these tags for the women is that they disappear after the baby is born and without treatment. But if these tags cause annoying effects then there are ways to remove these tags like skin tag removal methods. All of these reasons are responsible for causes of skin tags but beside these reasons there would be many reasons that are still needed to be discovered but require a lot of research in this regard.

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