Are Skin Tags Warts?

Are Skin Tags Warts?

A wart is a tiny growth that is rough and is grown on the hands and feet but they can also appear on the other parts of the body. They are a kind of viral infections and people can catch it from one another. Answering the question, are Skin Tags Warts? There are almost ten types of warts but most of them are thought to be harmless. They usually enter the body where the skin is broken. Most types of warts disappear after some weeks or months but some dangerous can last for years and forever too.

Are Skin Tags Warts? This question can be answered once we define the skin tags. Skin tags are a growth of skin on the body that looks like as if skin is hanging with some body part. These are also harmless just like warts and can grow anywhere on the body. People are prone to the skin tags because they either gain weight or it is a part of heredity. Females and males have equal chances of having skin tags. Obesity and weight gaining changes the rate of developing skin tags dramatically.

Most women who gain weight gradually become prone to skin tags under their breasts and on the abdominal part. Achrocordon is the medical name for skin tags. The question “Are Skin Tags Warts?” still remain unanswered. There are some similarities between skin tags and warts as well. One being that skin tags and warts automatically rubs off the body and fall down. Are Skin Tags Warts? There are some locations on the body where both the skin tags and warts mostly develop. These locations include neck base, eyelids, under arms, under breasts and groin folds.

Before we finally conclude that “Are Skin Tags Warts?” we must also look at the visual and medical differences between warts and skin tags. Warts are mostly developed by a virus known as HPV while the skin tags just grow under normal conditions. Skin tag is a part of skin that enlarges itself once developed on the body. They are generally irregular in shape. Warts have a different texture and material type and are mostly of the cylindrical shape. Warts can grow in different colors. They can even be pink and can have different deep shades as well. On the other hand skin tags are of skin color or a dark shade of skin color.

So now we are at a stage that we can answer the question “Are Skin Tags Warts?” And the answer is that, although there are many similarities but skin tags and warts belong to different classes of medical problems.

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