Skin Tags And Warts

Skin tags and warts are two tumors that appear on the skin. Warts are very small sized tumors that can be found in the human body and they are non-cancerous tumors, while Skin tags are the small pieces of skin found over the skin of the body and it looks like it is hanging with the skin. There are 100 different types of warts that can appear on the skin of a single person. There is no pain associated with them but they can be bothersome for most people.

The appearance of warts is like the white clusters which are matched with the cauliflower or sometimes with red bumps. Their shape can be like flat circular bumps which usually appear on the back of the neck of the person affected. The number of warts that appear on the body is different for different people and their size also varies and they can appear anywhere on the body. While the shape of Skin tags also varies in size and color they are usually red or black in color. It is called Acrochordon according to scientific nomenclature.

Their appearance usually occurs on eyelids or neck but warts can appear anywhere on the body. Warts appear on the skin of people whose age is above young age, probably 40 years or above, but Skin tags appear mostly in people of middle ages. The visual differences can be seen between warts and Skin tags. But one thing that is common in both of them is that the two are harmless. The virus that is the main cause of warts is HPV while Skin tags may appear because of obesity or pregnancy. But there is no scientific reason for the appearance of Skin tags.

The shape of the Skin tags is usually irregular while the shape of warts is usually cylindrical and the texture of them is also different from Skin tags. There is also a major difference between the two, which is color, the color of warts is usually pink and Skin tags are skin-colored tumors or they have dark shaded skin color. The treatment of the Skin tags and warts is usually done in the same way using natural oils as well as using cosmetics or by surgical way with the help of laser surgery. But both of them make the appearance of the person look ugly and that’s why most of them want to remove them from their skin.

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