Skin Tags That Bleed

Skin conditions are many and skin tags are one of them. These are purely benign soft skins that hang. They are painless but can be irritating depending on where they are. This skin condition affects both men and women equally therefore there is no sex that is more susceptible to this skin condition that the other.


This skin condition is caused by obesity, pregnancy hormones, inherited or acquired. Skin tags are known to affect parts of the body which are subjected to friction from cloths and surrounding skin. It affects several body parts like the eyelids, the folds of the groin, under the breasts, upper chest and the armpits. These are all areas that are normally subjected to friction from cloths or surrounding skin.


Skin tags are not a major concern for those who have them as they are not cancerous. The only problem would be cosmetic. However, there are skin tags that bleed and those who have it will seek help almost immediately sue to being worried.


Skin tags that bleed are caused by several reasons. As earlier stated, skin tags are soft skin. This means that skin tags that bleed can be easily gotten. Skin tags that bleed are caused to be like that especially when the skin tags are subjected to friction. If you wear cloths that are made of hard material you are likely to have skin tags that bleed.


Skin tags that bleed can be very messy and therefore you need to do al you can to avoid this type of skin tags. Skin tags that bleed can be avoided by simply not subjecting the affected area to unnecessary friction. Wear cloths that are made of smooth and soft material so that they are soft on your skin tags.


If you have skin tags that bleed, it can be quite hectic attending a meeting or going about your daily chores. If you have skin tags that bleed, ensure that you clean them with an antibacterial ointment and dress them until they are dry. Ensure that you do not put the skin tags in compromising situations and with time, skin tags that bleed will be history to you.


Whichever the type of skin tags you have, you should ensure that you seek treatment. There are home treatments and treatments that can only be administered at the hospital. Before you choose whichever skin tag treatment that you want, ensure that you discuss it with your dermatologist first.

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