Why Do Skin Tags Form?

Skin tags just like other painless and harmless skin conditions are yet to be fully understood by doctors. This is because this condition and other similar conditions tend to resemble fatal skin conditions, bearing a lot of similarities in the physical outlook and formation process but they are purely harmless to have on the skin. Why skin tags occur is a puzzle yet to be unraveled by skin doctors and researchers alike.  There are speculative reasons as to why skin tags form. However, these are reasons based on noted effects on apparent areas where the skin tags commonly appear.

It is said that the skin specialists have narrowed down the plausible reasons to be due to friction. The skin tags grow on areas of the body like the armpits, neck, groin and eyelids. The tags will also be evident on other areas of the body like the face, arms, and the back, although these areas are rather uncommon to have skin tags growing on them. As they form, they will pop out of the skin and at the base they have a small stem of skin that attaches them to the body. As time passes they may grow or remain roughly the same size. The stem will tend to remain the same at the head of the skin tags grows.

Other stated reason as to why one would end up having skin tags is due to bad dietary habits. If one does not ensure the inclusion of minerals that help in maintaining the skin, the skin will be susceptible to getting skin related ailments. Bad eating habits that make one over weight is also another factor claimed to contribute to one having the condition. Many overweight people do tend to have skin tags developing on the skin caused by friction of skin rubbing against skin.

Friction can also be caused by clothing or underwear resulting in skin tags in areas such as the neck – for instance men wearing tight shirt collars, armpits – from wearing tight t-shirts, anal regions – possible from wearing g strings or thong underwear and the groin –caused by wearing tight knickers or underpants. For some the skin tags will appear and cause much discomfort, while for others they will be more cosmetically displeasing. The irritation caused by constant friction in these areas will have one seeking to have them removed. Generally as painless as the skin tags are, they will have some level of pain in the course of having them removed. This can be done by a doctor or there are many skin tag home removal products available to buy.

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