Skin Tags On The Vagina

Skin tags are a kind of skin condition that affects several body parts where skin rubs against skin. This skin conditions is characterized by out-growths that resemble hanging skin that is soft and benign. Skin tags are caused by diabetes, obesity, pregnancy and they can also be inherited. Skin tags are very common in parts of the body like the groin, upper chest, eyelids, under the breasts and also the neck.


Skin tags on the vagina appear on the vulva and this mostly happens after a pregnancy. However, skin tags on the vagina do not solely depend on pregnancy and can appear during other ages especially the adult age. The skin tags on the vagina increase in size during menstruation and after menstruation, they go back to their usual size.


Skin tags on the vagina do not look any different from skin tags in other body parts. They are usually a little darker than the surrounding skin and are soft.


Skin tags on the vagina can also be found. These tags can be very embarrassing and skin tags on this part of the body are more embarrassing than in any other part of the body. The most common time when skin tags on the vagina are felt is during sex. This can lead to the partner thinking that the woman has some sort of sexually transmitted disease.


Skin tags on the vagina should be treated with much more care than those on other parts of the body. Sexual intercourse greatly irritates the tags and therefore you should be careful while you are at it. You should also ensure that you clean up well after sex to educe chances of infection from microbes in genital fluid.


Skin tags on the vagina are better removed by a trained doctor because the genitals are very delicate part of the body.  The doctor will use several types of skin tag removal. Cryosurgery-ligation is one of the methods. With this method, the skin tags are usually frozen using liquid nitrogen. The doctor could also use topical treatments to finish on this work. This will cost you some money but it is better than having the shame.


In conclusion, skin tags on the genitals can be very embarrassing and once you notice you have this skin condition, you need to see a physician for medical attention. Avoid wearing tight underwear and also wear clean ones just for extra safety.

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