What To Do When Skin Tags Change Colour

Skin tags can be considered as one of today’s most common skin conditions. They are bits of projecting tissues from a tiny and narrow stalk called peduncle. The projected tissues from the surrounding skin are characterized by their colors that resemble that of the flesh or the skin. Medically speaking, skin tags are known as acrochordon, while others term it as skin tabs or barnacles.

There are certain locations on the body where skin tags usually appear including the neck, armpit, eyelid, groin fold, and underneath the breast. The appearance of one skin tag as compared to another may be different, but most of the time tags are irregular, smooth and wrinkled tissues that hang from the skin. Early skin tag are usually small ones with an identifiable flatness. The beginning tags are like a pinhead growing to as large as a grain of rice. Most of the time, they are 2 to 5 millimeters in diameter, but there are common instances in which skin tags grow up to 1 centimeter. The worst scenario here is the growth of skin tag sizing at 5 centimeters in diameter.

The color of the tags may range from pink to red and flesh to brown mostly dependent on the skin tone of the affected individual. However, there are cases in which the skin tags suddenly turn to being purple or black. If the skin tag changed its color to purple or black, then it is essentially a clotted skin tag. This is also called thrombosed skin tags. As a matter of fact, there is no pain entailed on having thrombosed skin tags. But then again, due to its cosmetic appearance, people who have thrombosed skin tags complain about these growths. Purple and black skin tags contribute to the unpleasantness of the growths. Most of the time, this kind of skin tag naturally fall off within 3 to 10 days. Since thrombosed skin tags naturally fall off, there is no more need for any kind of treatment.

It has to be noted that skin tags that show change of color as well as skin tags that have persistent bleeding must be consulted to a doctor. Having these skin tags evaluated by a doctor will help you be assured that these are not more than simple skin tags. Skin tag removal is one good option that you can go for especially when recommended by your doctor.

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